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Decibel is an independent venture capital firm created in partnership with Cisco to push the conventional boundaries of early stage investing. Decibel combines the speed, agility, and independent risk-taking traditionally found in the best venture firms, while offering differentiated access to the scale, entrepreneurial talent, and deep customer relationships found in one of the largest tech companies in the world.  This approach is an industry first and provides a unique way for entrepreneurs to get access to unparalleled resources at a time and stage when they need it most.


Founders helping founders.

When you’re a founder, the road often feels steep and unpaved. We believe that the best advice and mentorship for founders, comes from experienced entrepreneurs who have stood in your shoes before. Our founding team has created >$10 billion in value, and we believe our collective experience will yield exponential returns when shared with others. The right guidance at the right time can dramatically change your trajectory, and our team is there to advise you at every step of the journey.


Have conviction. Invest early.

Founders deserve investors who have conviction when it’s early and unproven, and are willing to commit meaningful resources and capital at the earliest stage. We understand that the first couple of years are the hardest and ultimately set the course for a company’s long term trajectory. We believe that there is nothing more important or impactful as an investor than to be involved in the formative years when founders need it most.  


You love customers. So do we.

Whether you are validating an idea or trying to find product and market fit, we believe access to customers is the lifeblood of an early stage company. Getting access to prospective users in diverse verticals, and across companies both large and small, is key to gaining early traction. We amplify the voice of our founders through Cisco’s relationships with over 750,000 customers, and help start-ups get unrivaled access to key early adopters.


Put founders first. Period.

We believe strongly that working with founders requires long term relationships built on trust above all else. Though we work closely with many in the ecosystem including Cisco, we are structured as an independent firm to ensure that we can always serve founders and their companies and protect the interests of the entrepreneurial community at all times. Integrity is our first priority.  When in doubt, founders come first. Period.


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