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Marty Roesch

Founder, Sourcefire

Martin “Marty” Roesch is a Founder Advisor at Decibel. He founded Sourcefire, serving as CEO/CTO, until acquisition by Cisco for $2.7 billion where he went on to lead the Security Business Group as chief architect. With over 23 years of industry experience in network security and embedded systems engineering, Marty is a pioneer in the industry as one of the first entrepreneurs to successfully commercialize open source software. He is the original author and lead developer of the Snort Intrusion Detection and Prevention System that formed the foundation for the Sourcefire product suite.

He sits on the boards of ThreatQuotient, Inc and holds a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Clarkson University. When he is not corralling, coaching, and cavorting with his four children in Annapolis, he can be found at the helm of the Prospector ocean racer.