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Tanya Dargel

Administrative Partner

Tanya brings her passion for founders and her success in helping others achieve their goals to Decibel as our Administrative Partner. Her previous positions have all, in some way or another, highlighted and expounded upon creating partnerships - whether it be internal or external - with clients and other businesses.

Tanya has held a number of eclectic positions serving clients of diverse industries, experience levels, management styles and degrees of sanity. And yes, she still loves what she does because if you ask her, "she finds profound satisfaction in helping others realize their goals to be as successful as possible. Even the crazy ones."

When Tanya is not keeping us on course, she can be found directing traffic in a house full of boys, wildly shouting words of encouragement on a sideline, or laughing like a hyena with her friends. She holds a BFA from the University of British Columbia.


Founders say about me

Need a solution? Call Tanya.

I love working with founders on

Staying organized, on track, and in the know.

When I am not helping founders

I’m running (on roads), and riding (on horses).